Dream wedding in the Cyclades:
The ultimate travel experience! (Part 2)

Take a moment to think about your wedding taking place at a dazzling Cycladic island in the summer...

Take a moment to think about your wedding taking place at a dazzling Cycladic island in the summer, and you’re instantly transported to an idyllic place. The luminous white—of the local island architecture—and the fiery crimson—of the Aegean sunsets—combine for a stunning atmosphere, the perfect backdrop for the fairy-tale Cycladic wedding of your dreams.

For part two of our series on planning your perfect wedding in the Cyclades, we hit you with expert tips and smart ideas on how to choose the look and feel of your ceremony and celebration!

Γάμος στον Φοίνικα | Wedding at Finikas Koufonisia

A flowy wedding gown to match the Aegean breeze

All the bride has to do is pack her vacation essentials, plus an airy, comfortable wedding dress that allows for natural movement! Don’t go with an elaborate bulky gown that could give a hard time under the high island temperatures. Just pick a light, elegant dress, either in standard white or some soft color that blends nicely with the local palette.

Try something in minimal Ancient Greek style that matches the austere surroundings and feels most appropriate for a breezy, carefree bridal look. Don’t forget that in a Cycladic wedding, simplicity is the best way to steal the show! For your wedding party, keep things equally simple. A more laid-back look in boho or navy style is strongly recommended.

The bridal shoes play a key role in an island wedding look. High heels are almost out of the question, as they make walking on paved alleys, staircases and dirt roads very hard. A pair of elegant white or silver sandals, or even ballerina shoes (especially if the wedding is in spring), can do the trick without compromising your style!

Prefer a natural look for your hair and makeup

The best makeup for a Cycladic wedding is none other than the natural style. Prefer earthy tones and soft colors over dark hues and sharp contrasting lines. Remember that heavy makeup cannot withstand the hot Cycladic sunlight!

Combine your lightweight makeup with an equally minimal hairstyle: a carefree look for the ceremony and a chignon hairdo for the reception. Don’t forget that the Cycladic winds aren’t easy on fancy dos. If you absolutely want something more stylized, just throw in a few small flowers or a minimal flower wreath. Alternatively, go with loose curls that wave in the wind and blend gently with the radiant Aegean landscape in the background!

Groom: Lightweight and carefree is the way to go

For a Cycladic wedding, the groom must absolutely dress in a casual and effortless manner. Just pick a comfortable suit in beige or some other earthy tone or skip the suit altogether and go for the cool alternative: a pair of airy pants and a light-colored loosely-worn shirt.

Wear shoes that are fit for walking on the beach neither too classic nor too formal! Don’t pack any of the usual accessories like ties, bowties or vests. Just take a few extra shirts with you. Summer in the Cyclades can get very hot, and you could get very sweaty on the big day.

“Less is more” is the standard in Cycladic wedding decorations

Take advantage of the island’s natural beauty! The austere Cycladic architecture, the vast Aegean blue, the magical sunsets, all point to a “less is more” approach! Decorate the premises around the chapel in a simple, unobtrusive style that blends smoothly with the surroundings and invites your guests to enjoy the unique setting.

The usual abundance of flowers doesn’t mix well with the dry Cycladic landscape! Instead, pick some local elements like traditional herbs, pots with basil plants or even some stylish urns as a reference to local architecture and folk art.

At the chapel, don’t forget to decorate the entrance with rose petals or a white garland to create a fairy-tale effect! Add some candles, lanterns, torches or water lilies for a more romantic touch. Prefer wooden elements to metal ones and have them painted in earthy or aquatic tones. White, teal and light green are the colors that go best with the local surroundings.

A bouquet made of lavender and thyme and the beach essentials as a wedding favor

The ideal wedding bouquet for your Cycladic ceremony is minimal, light-toned and matches your chapel decorations. Go with a small bouquet made of typical Greek herb blossoms, like lavender and thyme. Complete your composition with a large flower to subtly accentuate the item’s importance.

For the wedding favor, combine your taste with the local island feel. Use fishnet instead of regular fabrics and plain rope instead of ribbon. Think out of the box and impress your guests by replacing the traditional bonbonniere with baskets full of beach essentials like flip-flops, folding fans, and mosquito repellents—be sure they’ll come very handy at the wedding party.

A traditional fairy-tale wedding in the Cyclades Islands

If you opt for a traditional fishing boat to take you to the chapel by sea, don’t forget to decorate it with stuff like white veil and lanterns or garlands. As you slide on the crystal Aegean waters, your few precious moments on the wedding boat will become even more unique and delightful.

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