September: The best time to visit the Koufonisia islands!

September provides the ideal set-up for visiting Koufonisia: Lower tourist turnout, fair prices in hotels and restaurants...

Whenever we refer to the Greek islands, our minds are filled with vivid images of summer holidays. We rarely mention these destinations outside of a tourist context, especially the more obscure, lesser known havens like the tiny Koufonisia isles. However, as tourism in Greece is on the rise, these places are now also bustling with travelers during high season.

So if your thing is a quiet vacation far away from all the crowded summer hot spots, you just have to pick the right month. For instance, there’s no better time for getting acquainted with the original laid-back version of Koufonisa than September. It’s when the sheltered beaches with the golden sand and turquoise waters, the picturesque Cycladic houses, and the cobblestone alleys are at their best. Do you need more reasons to visit Koufonisia in early fall after the tourist hordes have left for good? Just keep reading!

Exotic beaches to enjoy with your select company

Imagine having a golden beach with crystal blue waters at your exclusive disposal. Sounds impossible? By the end of August, most visitors have left Koufonisia to return home, which makes September ideal for exploring all the islands’ enchanting beaches with your loved ones. Just kick back to the relaxing sound of the Aegean waves, and enjoy your favorite book and your newfound freedom!

The room of your dreams at a fair price

Live big on a small budget, as prices for accommodation and food are at their lowest in the fall. Enjoy the magnificent view of the vast Aegean blue from the comfort of your luxurious veranda and indulge in the local gastronomy with much less than you would have spent a month before!

A large selection of places to sleep and eat

During September, there’s no way you won’t get a room in the islands’ top establishments. Availability soars after summer, and you don’t even have to book. Just pick the place you like upon your arrival and it’s yours. As for the restaurants and taverns, no full house or waiting list will get in the way between you and superbly-cooked fresh fish.

The weather is on your side

Due to the islands’ particular weather, the locals believe September is the best time to visit Koufonisia. The yearly August winds blow over, leaving the sea is at its most calm, and the days are still warm while the refreshing Autumn breeze cools down your nights! Swimming is a joy in every single beach, sheltered or not, and not a grain of sand is lifted from the ground to keep you from enjoying yourself.

Sync to the locals’ pace

As the tourist season concludes and human traffic wanes, the locals have more time to relax and return to their regular everyday tempo. Mingle with them to share their energy and get inspired by their love for the simple things and the laid-back island lifestyle. It’s the time to taste the many versions of homemade rakomelo, local dishes, and finger food, and feel what it’s actually like to live in the Koufonisia islands.

A different kind of Koufonisia

Free from the clutter of August travelers messing up the island’s peaceful scenery, you’ll be able to explore the place down to its most intriguing detail and chase after its hidden treasures. Wander across the silent stone-paved alleys among the white Cycladic houses, lose yourself in the stunning sunsets, and unlock these beautiful islands’ secrets at your own pace.

An idyllic Cycladic wedding

Inspired by local customs, we recommend that you plan your idyllic island wedding during the second half of September. It’s the right time to get the best prices for accommodation and catering for your guest list. With no August winds, there’s no possibility of your ship not arriving on time. The best part? The bride won’t have to worry about the wind messing up her hair, or her make-up melting down from the heat. In short, the conditions are perfect to set up a dream weekend for you and your loved ones!

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September provides the ideal set-up for visiting Koufonisia: Lower tourist turnout, fair prices in hotels and restaurants, peaceful waters and a magical island landscape that’s all yours to enjoy. Every Autumn, the Koufonisia isles are waiting for you to discover their charms!