Wedding in Koufonissi:
Exciting moments in the smallest island of the Cyclades!

Organizing an idyllic island wedding in the summertime has been at the top of your wishlist...

Organizing an idyllic island wedding in the summertime has been at the top of your wishlist forever! Finally, you’re about to have your lifelong dream come true. You and your sweetheart have decided to get away from the city rut and experience an unforgettable wedding ceremony in the calm Cycladic landscape.

There’s only one thing you have to settle upon: “Which island is the perfect pick for an authentic Cycladic wedding like no one has ever had?” And the answer is: “Koufonissi”! Let us share the secrets of a traditional Koufonissi wedding celebration and invite you to a unique and sensual experience.

Πάρτι Γάμου στον Φοίνικα | Wedding Party at Finikas Koufonisia

Wedding in Koufonissi: Authenticity and harmony against the Aegean backdrop

Koufonissi weddings are inspired by the local way of life, and they cannot include anything but the bare essentials. As every visitor knows, the Koufonissi residents are exceptionally kind and hospitable people. They like to wear a big smile, and they’re always eager to offer visitors a taste of authentic Aegean culture!

Therefore, you’re up for a fantastic experience, a special wedding infused with hospitality, local customs and traditions, peaceful images and sounds from the sea and melodic Cycladic tunes.

The two small neighboring Koufinissi islands (Ano and Kato) with their unique natural landscape provide a dreamy atmosphere for your romantic wedding. The fairy-tale setting is enhanced by the vast blue of the Aegean sea and the little Cyclades islands in the horizon, the beautiful white houses, the rocking boats, the tall palm trees, and the colorful bougainvilleas.

The Cycladic tradition and the enchanting chapel

Rejoice! The magical day has finally arrived! As the groom gets ready, the sounds of violins and laoutos keep his friends and relatives in good spirits. Island music and homemade rakomelo create the setting for some good old roasting of the groom during his traditional shaving ritual! In the next room, the bride prepares for her big day. As the custom demands, her routine is interrupted by firecrackers. It’s the groom’s company who come by to stir things up and make their presence felt.

When everyone is ready, you join each other and, together with your guests, you walk to the pier in typical Koufonissi fashion. There, the decorated fishing boat is waiting to take you to the beautiful chapel of the Virgin Mary. The boat ride on the crystal Aegean waters, animated by the live music and local spirits, will be one of your wedding’s most memorable highlights.

As you reach the chapel, you and your guests are treated to local pastries (xerotigano and pasteli), and things get sweeter when the time comes for you to exchange your wedding oaths. Amidst the dazzling Koufonissi landscape, the ceremony concludes, and the illuminated boat takes you back to the pier.

The delicious local cuisine and the colorful sunset

At Ano Koufonissi, on the perfect spot by the sea, the Finikas restaurant keeps the local character alive since 1968. On the torch-lit seaside, you’re all welcome to relax on beach pillows, and enjoy the island breeze and the alternating colors of the enchanting Aegean sunset!

In a romantic setting made of white table cloths, lilies, thyme, and pebbles, your guests are treated to an assortment of traditional aperitifs. Soon, the party begins! The cooks at Finikas light up the stoves and fill the pots with the freshest Cycladic produce to prepare local dishes and unique flavors for you.

The tables are brimming with smells and colors, a variety of salads, appetizers, and countless meat and fish dishes that will leave even your most demanding guests content. The traditional feast wouldn’t be complete without the finest drinks from the restaurant cellar: homemade rakomelo, selection wines, refreshing beers, locally inspired cocktails, and premium beverages. As you enjoy the local offerings, local musicians are building up the mood for partying till sunrise.

The Koufonissi warmth and hospitality

No Koufonissi experience is complete without a pinch of local hospitality. Making visitors feel at home is the trademark of a Cycladic wedding! The Finikas hotel welcomes you and your guests to the island, helps you prepare for the ceremony, and has the bridal bed ready for a glorious wedding night.

The minimal decoration reflects the calm pace of the island lifestyle, as the summer Aegean sun sheds its light on the antiques, the traditional objects, and the well-designed rooms, studios, and deluxe suites of the Finikas hotel.

The recipe is simple, but the experience is powerful! We look forward to sharing ideas with you and planning every little yet important detail for the Koufonissi wedding of your dreams. All you have to do next is pack your good spirits and get the people you love to join you! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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